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Getting Started

Stages of Care at Boston Cosmetic Specialists

  • Step One, The Consult: Our on-site physician meets with you in a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique and specific needs and recommend a course of treatment tailored to you, your skin, and your needs.
  • Step Two, Treatment: We employ a host of the latest scientifically proven technologies to work in concert. You receive the most advanced options, personalized for your skin, as a comprehensive treatment.
  • Step Three, Home Care: A point of pride for our staff is educating every client we work with so they understand the unique needs of their skin and body, how the available treatments and technologies work, and how to continue caring for their skin at home.
  • Step Four, Follow-up: Your treatment is just the beginning. With home care guidelines and routine follow-ups with your physician we continue to focus on the health and vibrance of your skin well after your visit.

Dr. Ishoo’s approach to managing Acne-prone skin:

What is the secret behind achieving and maintaining clear skin?   The answer to this question is simple: Knowledge.

The great Chinese warrior Sun Tzu said:

…if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.   If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.

This saying really resonates with those struggling against acne and it is the basis upon which Dr. Edwin Ishoo has developed his comprehensive Acnecentric approach to skin care at Boston Acne Center after years of extensive experience treating  hundreds of patients to clear difficult acne and maintaining youthful and healthy skin for life.

Acnecentric skin care approach is deeply rooted in the belief that all skin is “acne-prone” to some degree. As a result, our over all approach to skin care and skin rejuvenation is predicated on prevention and treatment of Acne. Our approach is one of customization based on the knowledge and awareness of each individual’s changing needs and skin condition as they go through treatment as well as life. The goal of an Acnecentric skin care program is to maintain life long skin health and youthfulness by accurate and timely diagnosis and appropriate and effective intervention of skin conditions encountered through patient education and continuous staff training. This is a team approach with the patient being the most critical member of the team. That is why a great deal of resources are employed by the staff at Boston Acne Center to thoroughly educate each individual about their skin’s needs and empower them to take ownership of their skin care. In addition to highly trained and committed staff and extensive patient education resources, we provide the latest state-of-the-art technology and products specifically designed to clear acne and maintain a bright, smooth and youthful skin. Our single-minded commitment to the care of acne-prone skin is unsurpassed by any one else in New England.

The foundation of our success is educating our patients to understand the anatomic and scientific basis of both acne and what they’re doing to their skin that may trigger or worsen their acne, before we can successfully manage this chronic condition for a life-time of healthy and beautiful skin.

The philosopher, Henri Bergson is quoted as saying ‘The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Otherwise stated as the eyes cannot see what the mind doesn’t know. It is comprehensive knowledge of skin and scientific basis of various available or uniquely formulated treatments that enlightens and directs the management of skin pathologies and maintenance of healthy and youthful skin. This level of knowledge takes years to attain and a lifetime to master. We will never risk your skin’s health to poorly trained or novice technicians or unproven methods and technologies. Dr. Ishoo performs the initial evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning, which is then implemented by master medical esthetician and cosmetic nurse. Dr. Ishoo closely supervises the progress of the treatment and makes adjustments and modifications as needed based on findings on exam, feedback from treating staff, the patient and patient’s parents. It is a true team approach.

Traveling Patients

If you are seeking an excellent cosmetic surgery experience, distance should be no obstacle to getting the care you deserve. The training, education and experience of our surgeon, Dr. Edwin Ishoo, attracts patients to our practice from across New England and all over the country. In three easy, convenient steps we can often eliminate the need to make more than one trip here for your procedure(s). To ensure the best cosmetic surgery experience for out-of-state patients, we have designed a consultation process that allows many of the preliminaries to be handled via mail, email, and phone. This is not the same as a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Ishoo, but it is a good start.

To complete the consultation follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out our online New Patient Questionnaire form.
  2. Download and review the Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, Privacy Policies and Procedures, Practice Disclosure, and complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Forms.
  3. Take photos (without flash) of the areas you want to address.
  4. Return completed forms and photos via mail or email.
  5. Schedule a virtual consultation by Skype with Dr. Ishoo. Allow about 45 minutes for the consultation.

Taking Photographs for Your Consultation

Please take photos of your areas of concern from several angles. Front, back, each side and a 45 degree angle to each side from the front. Use poses either nude or with underwear or a bathing suit. If you take digital pictures, you can email them to us. Otherwise, make sure you get high-quality prints for inclusion with your forms. If you don’t have anyone to take pictures for you, you can take pictures of yourself in the mirror, or utilize the timer setting on your camera, but make sure your areas of concern show clearly in the photos.

Virtual Consultation

In the event that you do not have a camera on your computer we can arrange a phone/email consultation with you.

During the virtual consultation, Dr. Ishoo will start by reviewing your medical history and he will listen to your desired results and answer any questions you might have. At this point, he can go over your cosmetic surgery options and recommend which procedure(s) he thinks would be best for you, based on your concerns and desired results.

After your virtual consultation, you may decide to schedule surgery based on the consultation, or you may decide to schedule an in-office consultation first. We can do much of the pre-operative work ahead of time, from your home state. The length of your stay in Massachusetts depends on your procedure and your medical history.

Whether you schedule your surgery on the phone or following an in-office consultation, we will see you for a pre-operative appointment in order to sign consent forms, take pre-operative photos, and have any of your remaining questions addressed one to two days prior to the procedure.

Travel Arrangements

Concierge Service

Our concierge service will help arrange your travel, lodging and transportation accommodations to enjoy a stress-free experience at Boston Cosmetic Specialists. We will arrange for private transportation to pick you up and deliver you back to your hotel on the day of your procedure.

Nearby Airport: Boston Logan International Airport

1 Harborside Dr.
Boston, MA 02128
Estimated travel time: 30 minutes

We hope this information will help you arrange your stay in Massachusetts for your cosmetic surgery procedure with minimum difficulty. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us and we can help make your travel arrangements. We can also provide additional information about the area, including shopping, entertainment, and other attractions for those who might be accompanying you. To schedule a virtual cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr. Ishoo, contact us today.