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Smartlipo Triplex

Explaining SmartLipo at Boston Cosmetic Specialists from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.

Smartlipo TriPlex® LASER Treatment in Boston

IshooSmartlipo TriPlex® is an exciting new advance in Laser Lipolysis. It is the only Laser in the world that combines 3 different wavelengths (1440, 1064 and 1320 nm) to achieve dramatic fat destruction as well as remarkable skin tightening. Smartlipo TriPlex® is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction, designed to remove moderate amounts of fat from specifically targeted cosmetic areas of the body to achieve better contour and enhanced definition. The advanced Smartlipo TriPlex® laser is proven to be up to 20 times more efficient in treatment of fat when compared to other similar devices.

Diet and exercise are often effective in firming and shaping your body only to a certain point. If you are slightly overweight, and looking to lose those last few inches, the little bit of extra fat in one or more areas of the body, or to achieve a higher muscle definition of select body parts, Smartlipo TriPlex® is the fastest, most effective solution. The laser fat destruction and suction removal are carried out under mild oral sedation and local anesthesia. Patients remain awake and feel practically no discomfort. Moreover, our specialized treatment is quick and simple, with minimal downtime for recovery.

The staff at Boston Cosmetic Specialists are committed to providing excellent SmartLipo™ laser liposuction results in the Boston area. Laser liposuction is a great body contouring alternative for men and women who are frustrated with excess body fat that does not respond to rigorous exercise and strict diets.

SmartLipo™ is an amazing breakthrough procedure for men and women who eat right, exercise regularly and stay in shape, yet still have pockets of fat that sabotage an otherwise beautiful figure. Your friends are right when they say you don’t need to lose weight, but you know that you would look better and feel great if you could just get rid of those small saddle bags, that inch of belly roll, or the small pocket of cellulite that bulges through your otherwise slimming attire. To see what Dr. Ishoo has been able to achieve with Smartlipo Triplex, check out Dr. Edwin Ishoo’s own before and after results.

Smartlipo from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.

Boston SmartLipo™ Clinical Training Center

We are a SmartLipo™ clinical training center in the Greater Boston and South Shore area that is under  clinical direction of a Board Certified Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons specializing in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Ishoo is a full-time, on-site surgeon at the Boston SmartLipo™ Center or Boston Cosmetic Specialists. As Massachusetts’s designated SmartLipo™ clinical trainer, Dr. Edwin Ishoo trains other physicians on safety, efficacy, and superior results. Our extensive experience in body contouring and the availability of the advanced SmartLipo Triplex™ allow us to be on the cutting edge of lipo sculpting, which allow us to stand out amongst other liposuction and Smartlipo™ providers.

Understanding the SmartLipo™ Laser Liposuction Procedure

SmartLipo™ is a ground-breaking and minimally invasive procedure for the successful removal of surplus body fat. SmartLipo™ also provides for a certain level of skin tightening. and cellulite improvement. The procedure is simple; the SmartLipo™ LASER probe is directed at the fat and its combination of laser wavelengths energy is utilized to destroy and disrupt stubborn fat. A suction device is then used to extract the fat effortlessly from the body. The laser coagulates blood vessels to minimize bleeding and optimally tightens loose skin.

Benefits of SmartLipo™


  • Completely safe, effective & efficient method of fat removal
  • One of today’s most advanced body-sculpting techniques
  • Designed to treat localized fat in targeted areas
  • Performed alone or in combination with advanced liposuction techniques
  • Results are seen with only one treatment
  • Only local anesthesia is required – NO general anesthesia!
  • Minimal pain, swelling & bruising with treatments
  • Performed in the comfort of our world-class office setting
  • Minimally invasive- with excellent results!
  • SmartLipo™ is one of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments


SmartLipo™ Triplex – Most Effective LASER Lipolysis

Smartlipo TriPlex from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.
There are several versions of the SmartLipo™ technology. SmartLipo™ has been evolving since the day it was approval by the FDA back in 2006. SmartLipo TriPlex™ is the latest, most advanced version of SmartLipo™, and is the first multiplex triple wavelength laser lipolysis equipment designed to meet all of your body contouring needs. The workstation can improve your appearance dramatically, allowing you to reshape your body and your life. Boston SmartLipo™ Center is one of the first practices in the Boston area and New England to offer the Triplex, and Dr. Edwin Ishoo has the most experience with SmartLipo™ technology.

SmartLipo™ Body Area Procedure:

SmartLipo™ is recommended for men and women within a normal BMI (body mass index), but with stubborn fat deposits in a specific area on the body. Good skin tone and texture is also a plus because your skin will respond well to the laser treatment. Furthermore, SmartLipo™ can be performed anywhere traditional liposuction is used. Body regions that can benefit from the SmartLipo™ procedure include:

  • Back
  • Bra strap
  • Mons pubis
  • Upper and Lower Abdomen
  • Legs/thighs
  • Flanks (love handles, saddle bags)
  • Arms (triceps)
  • Neck
  • Areas of loose and flabby skin

For more information on Smartlipo™ please go to our SmartLipo™ Frequently Asked Questions or contact Boston’s Premier SmartLipo™ Center to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Post- Smartlipo Excess Abdominal Skin – Mini-Tummy Tuck

One variation of abdominoplasty is the mini-tummy tuck. This uses a shorter incision just at or above the pubic region, similar to the incision for a cesarean section. A mini tummy tuck is a modified tummy tuck that uses a C-section-like incision to tighten muscle and remove excess lower abdominal skin. The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck has most of his or her issues below the belly button, and it is usually recommended for patients who have always been in pretty good shape but have plateaued with diet and exercise.This procedure is ideal for people who have less excess tummy area skin or fat that is localized in the mid-abdomen area and want to tighten the abdominal area below the belly button.

mini tummy tuck from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.

Mini Tummy Tuck information:
Anesthesia: Oral sedation with local anesthesia
Duration Of Results: Long-lasting
Procedure Time: 2-3 hours
Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks back to work; 6-8 weeks return to strenuous activity

Smartlipo triplex / Cellulaze for treatment of Cellulite

As the Smartlipo laser beam can break adipocytes membrane, in the same way it can break deep bands and nodules existing in the advanced stages of cellulite. Subdermal LASER lysis or destroys bands and fat as well as tightens skin, resulting in a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite. The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia with minimal down time especially when it involves only minimal or no liposuction.

What is Cellulaze?(1) from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.

Ideal Candidates for Smartlipo TriPlex®

If you are a healthy individual, within 20 pounds of your ideal weight and unable to lose those last few inches with diet and exercise alone, Smartlipo TriPlex® is ideal for you. If you find specific areas of your body unfit and would like to remove the fat from those areas permanently, Smartlipo TriPlex® is ideal for you. The Smartlipo TriPlex® is not only highly effective in removing fat, it also stimulates collagen growth which promotes significant skin tightening. Many patients treated with the Smartlipo TriPlex® do not have the need for additional skin lifting surgery, making Smartlipo TriPlex® ideal for people who want one simple, safe and cost effective procedure to remove unwanted fat and to tighten loose skin at the same time.

Smartlipo TriPlex® Advantages

Smartlipo TriPlex® offers several advantages over traditional liposuction including:

  • Is minimally invasive, using only small incisions and laser wavelengths that work with your body to remove fat and heal quickly
  • Well tolerated
  • Recovery time ranges from one to two days
  • The small incisions provide very little discomfort and do not require general anesthesia
  • Skin tightening is obtained within three to six months of the procedure, with only minimal indication that an incision was made

If you are having trouble losing those last few inches and want to learn more about the Smartlipo TriPlex® Liposuction, please review answers to frequently asked questions and contact experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Ishoo for a confidential consultation to see if Smartlipo TriPlex® Liposuction is right for you.

Liposuction(2) from Dr. Ishoo on Vimeo.
Contact Boston Cosmetic Specialists today for a complimentary Smartlipo TriPlex® Consultation at 888-380.3222.